Truth Cabs specialise in providing same day payment solutions. Easy for you to take the payment from a card terminal and for your customer to pay.

In 2016 card payments exceeded cash payments for the first time. We are here to fix the problem with a solution that takes you back to having cash takings in your pocket.

When you join Truth Cabs you benefit from

  • – No contract
  • – No exit fee
  • – Same day payment service
  • – Free refill paper for terminals
  • – Transparent and trusted pricing
  • – Drop in anytime between opening times
  • – Friendly and accessible UK based customer service centre.


Thousands of Taxi Drivers are in the Truth “Same Day We Pay”

Running a London taxi is always challenging, but with Truth Cabs Ltd, we make taking card payments simple, providing a ‘hands on’ full service to all London taxi drivers. We understand that relationships matter more than anything else. That’s why our commitment to getting to know you and your business is at the heart of everything we do.

Our team of card payment specialists operate across London. One of our experienced team will be on hand to personally guide you through the set-up process, ensuring you’ve got the right solution to take payments whenever and wherever you need, offering you same day payments in cash meaning you are never short of money in your back pockets.

Meet James St Patrick

Few people know as much about the London black taxi industry as Truth Cab’s Chief Executive Officer, James St Patrick.

He’s worked in the taxi trade for more than 10 years, starting off in his parents’ shops at the age of 16 on weekends while working in a taxi work shop during the week, before starting his own career at 19 and working his way up the corporate ladder.

A former Fleet Manager of one of London’s leading taxi firms James opened Truth Cabs Ltd.
At Truth Cabs Ltd where he oversees thousands of credit card transactions, James is now driving forward one of London’s leading credit card payment facilities exclusively for London taxi drivers.

Previously, Truth Cabs Ltd were solely in the taxi rental industry however, nowadays, Truth Cabs Ltd provide payment services to a wide range of London’s finest taxi drivers, Alongside James’s experience within the payment solutions industry, Truth Cabs Ltd ensures that we provide same day payment services in cash to every London taxi driver who wishes to join us in this great opportunity.

James is passionate about payments and believes in a fair deal for London taxi drivers, same day payments as he knows how much this means to taxi drivers and payments purely in cash as he understands that the London taxi trade has always been cash a based industry up until recently when it became mandatory to accept credit/debit cards.

James is trying and will succeed in taking back the London taxi trade to the good old days where taxi drivers would go home after work with cash in their back pockets.